Software Development

| If you looking for a smart desktop solution for your business on Windows platform, you are just few steps from getting all you need. Vismak specializes in professional desktop software development (Java, .NET, Oracle) and provides quality desktop solutions for Windows platform. The software is designed and developed by a team of high-qualified and experienced professionals.

How we work

Define Requirements

| We define requirements, which is part of planning to determine what the application is supposed to do and its requirements. For example, a social media application would require the ability to connect with a friend. Requirements also include defining the resources needed to build the project.

Design and Prototyping

| A prototype is like one of the early versions of software in the Iterative software development model. We demonstrate a basic idea of how the application looks and works. This “hands-on” design can be shown to our clients. Client's feedback is used to improve the application.

Software development

| We do the actual writing of the program. It can also be informal, like comments in the source code that explain why a developer used a certain procedure. Even companies that strive to create software that’s easy and intuitive benefit from the documentation.


| We perform testing to ensure that each function works correctly. This leads to a higher user satisfaction and a better usage rate.


| In the deployment phase, we make the application available to users. It could also be downloading an application on a smartphone.

Operations and Maintenance

| At this point, the development cycle is almost finished. The application is done and being used in the field. In this phase, users discover bugs that weren’t found during testing.